Tamper Evident Seals

Product Details

Made in China adjustable length plastic container  P205

Product Description:

Material:    PP&PE;stainless steel pin

Average Strength:>280N

Imprinting:    Laser engraving/Hot stamping

Marks:     Numbering,logo,bar code


1pc net weight:6.37g

100pcs in a bag:720g

2500pcs in a carton:16.85kg



Our Seals is a guarantee against tampering and misuse of valuable products while in transit or in storage which our customers are using satisfactorily.Plastic string seal provides multiple adjustable locking positions. A locking arrangement is provided and once the string is passed through the channel and pulled tight it cannot be reversed or opened unless cut or broken.


Product features:


Security seals with metal and plastic locks

Self locking single point lock design 

No tools required for installation.

Option of laser printed logo, bar code etc.

Application for Airline Baggage, Postal Dept., Courier Bags, Currency Bags etc


Our is manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facility. Our company introduced the first plastic seal in our country. We are one of the leading plastic seal manufacturer in the country. We also export our seals to Gulf and African Countries in large volume.

Security Seals can be effectively used for sealing Fire Extinguisher, Milk can, Food Cart, etc.

P205 Seals is manufactured from virgin PP and comes with a total length of 373 mm.

Our Pull tight Seals comes with hot pressed 7 digit non-repeat serial numbers on one side of the flap. In addition a customized hot pressed logo/monogram/name of the user can be provided on the other side of the flap. This will prevent anyone from replacing the seal thereby preventing pilferage and contamination of the cargo.



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