Plastic Cable Tie

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Product Details

P202 plastic cable tie of luggage 10 pack with logo and number

Product Description:


  • Total length: 375mm;Wide:7mm

  • Head: 10mm * 25mm*1mm

  • Material:PP&PE;stainless steel pin

  • Average Strength:>270N


Package materials:carton

100pcs/bag,2500 bags/carton

Carton Dimension:66×53×38cm


Product features:

Mould Service

with high qualit y ,long life ,top technic design, prompt delivery, excellent service ,reasonable price


adopt CAD/CAM/CAE to design and use advance machines to insure the quality

Cavity quantity

single or multi cavity

Cavity /core material

Etc according to clients requirement

Product material

PA, PP, PE, PET, etc

mould cycle time

300,000 to1000,000 times

Application / Models:

1.In-land transportation

2.Courier bags Postal bags

3.Security containers

4.Airline food/duty free trolleys

5.Cash bags Gaming

6.Hospital waste/disposal


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