Numbered Security Cable Ties

Product Details

ISO17712 tamper evident security   BC-P209

Product Description:

Material:PP&PE;stainless steel pin

Average Strength:>280N

Imprinting:Laser engraving/Hot stamping

Marks:Numbering,logo,bar code

Indicative safety seal

Numbered Security Cable Ties are designed and manufactured from materials that are easily broken by hand or with a simple cutting tool or scissors.


Security seal

This Numbered Security Cable Tie is designed and manufactured from materials that provide limited resistance to unauthorized access and require the use of lightweight tools for removal.

High security seal

To delay intrusion for the purpose of designing and manufacturing metal or metal cables and other materials sealed. High-safety seals must generally be removed with a heavy duty bolt or cable cutter.

The physical strength of the seal is determined by tensile, shear, bending and impact tests.



Product function and demands:


The risk of theft and crime energy increases with the value of the goods being transported, and the demand for safety stamps in turn increases. The following points affect our policy of designing high quality and safety seals:

The Numbered Security Cable Ties should indicate whether the locking device has been opened

By making the operation is almost impossible, more difficult or at least time-consuming, tamper-proof

Add tamper protection to visualize unauthorized operations on the security seal

Resist the replacement of components

Avoid accidental damage to seal

These requirements often result in the use of seals made of various components and materials. Combine customer identification, serial numbers, bar codes, data matrix codes, etc. to ensure that each stamp is unique and can not be replaced.



Well suitable for small openings

Marking by laser technology Material PP polymer

Individual marking is possible with Laser

Marking of logo and sequential number is done by laser

To be delivered in mats of 10 pieces

we make packaging of the whole collection using best quality packaging material, which protects them from an external environment. Apart from this, our assurance to customers is to make timely delivery of the orders specified by them.

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