Truck Cargo Bags Use of Plastic Seal Tags

Product Details

truck cargo bags use of plastic seal tags



1. Main Applications:

tucks, meter boxes, post packages and bank money bags etc.

Keep what you need securely locked with heavy duty seals.
Make sure what you need locked down stays secure with custom seals.
Pull Snug seals are ideal for use on hopper and tank cars, tote boxes, armored trucks,
rail cars, fiber drums, storage cabinets, and large zipper bags.
Disposable plastic cable ties Plastic seals Pull seal

2. Material: PP & PE plastic 

3. Stength: 200N

4. Customization: 

Laser print serial numbers and logos on it. colors could be flexible according to customer's requirements.

5. Colors: red, yellow, green, blue and white etc. according to customer demand

6. Packaging: 1).3000pcs/carton         

                        2).Carton Specification: 52cm*52cm*54cm

7. Certificates: ISO9001:2000

                          ISO/PAS 17712


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