Tamper Proof Cable Ties for Plastic Seal Door Lock

Product Details

Tamper proof cable ties for plastic seal door lock

Parameter Description

1.Total length: 310mm,400mm;

2.Wire diameter:2mm;

3.Flag: 25mm * 55 mm*1.5mm(thickness);

4.Pull tight locking mechanism;



Widely used for airline cargo,bank and postal services roll-cages clinical waste management,courier services,cash in transit,etc




2500 bags/carton

Carton Dimension:65×53×38cm

Plastic Security Seals

Plastic truck seals are widely used within the transportation industry.  These particular seals make tamper detection obvious.  Smooth edges, can be broken by hand. The Plastic Truck seal is perfect for applications where increased handling is required.



Container and Bins

Shipping Containers

Truck and Trailer Doors

Fire Doors

Railroad Freight and Tank Car Doors

Storage Bins

Tractor Trailers

Transfer Hoppers



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