Plastics Pull Tight Cable Safety Seals

Product Details

plastics pull tight cable safety seals

Easy to apply

Easily applied by hand.

Thread strap through closure and into locking chamber.

Pull seal up as far as possible.

Removal by cutting tool.




2500 bags/carton

Carton Dimension:65×53×38cm



1pc net weight:8.16g

100pcs in a bag:910g

2500pcs in a carton:21.15kg

Our range of tamper evident barrier seals and security seals provide an effective deterrent against unauthorized entry and tampering. Our security seals and box locks have a variety of applications, from securing shipped items to sealing plastic lids on distribution containers. We pride ourselves in making the most technologically advanced sealing products for almost all types of industries, but we recognize that our strength is found in the unique level of commitment and dedication of our people. We believe people can make the difference and our employees have been doing just that consistently since three decades. We hope you will let us show you how the use of sealing products can make a difference.

About US

The BCSY plastic seals is easy to apply and easy to inspect. This seal optimizes security while saving valuable time and money. The unique features found on the BCSY plastic seals make it much more than just another ring seal.


The BCSY plastic seals is widely used for trucks and tankers, customs control, airline cargo, warehouses, roll cages, rail wagons, empty shipping containers etc. Be assured of better security with our innovative use of materials and industrial design.

Moulded with high-impact PP&PE material with a galvanized steel wire rope.

The high-resilient PP&PE material does not break easily but will clearly show evidence of tampering.

One end of the cable is permanently secured into the locking body.

The protruding lip feature, made of zinc cast at the entry and exit hole provides greater security against tampering.

The plastic seals is etched with permanent laser marking for name, logo, sequential numbers and barcode.

Laser marking offers the highest level of security as it cannot be removed or replaced. The body is slightly larger to enable marking of more digits.


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