One-time Used Colorful Plastic Seal

Product Details

BC-P107 self locking


Product Description:  

Main parameter

Total length:460mm;Wide:9mm,
Flag:105mm * 56.5 mm*1mm(thick)
Pull tight locking mechanism.


Average Strength:>360N

Imprinting:Laser engraving/Hot stamping

Marks:Numbering,logo,bar code

Color:Yellow/Red/Green/Blue/Purple etc.




1.Use pull seals for mini bars/liquor cabinets, tank trucks, fiber drums, in bond shipments, tote boxes, lockout/tagout and more

2.Polypropylene plastic seals are available in 3 colors and in 7" and 12" lengths with an average pull apart force 35 lbs.

3.Plastic strap seals feature a patented metal locking clip for ease of application and a high level of security

4.Remove each adjustable strap seal by hand or with simple cutting tool

5.Stock pull seals are heat stamped with "SEAL" and a 7-digit consecutive numbering (factory chooses starting number)


Tamper proof security tags can provide added security to any container or cabinet, to ensure the contents haven't been used or tampered with.

Ideal for: Labelling Boxes, Roll Cages, Sacks, Luggage Cases, Vehicle Doors, Fire Extinguishers etc.

Keep your personnel files, personal items etc. secure with our security tags.

Made of strong, lightweight polypropylene.

These plastic security locks apply quickly and easily without tools.

Insert strap end through head and pull to desired tightness.

Head is stamped with seven sequential numbers for identification.

Perfect for securing items like trailers,containers, drums, pouches, toolboxes,cabinets,bags,etc.


Also available in smaller quantity.View my other items.

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