One Time Use Market Plastic Strip Seal Lock

Product Details

One time use market plastic strip seal lock BC-P417


1.Total length: 455mm;

2.Wire diameter:4mm;

3.Flag: 22mm * 80mm*2mm(thick);

4.Pull tight locking mechanism

Material: PP&PE;stainless steel pin

Average Strength: >350N

Imprinting: Laser engraving/Hot stamping

Marks: Numbering,logo,bar code

Color: Yellow/Red/Green/Blue/Purple etc.

Easy to apply

Easily applied by hand.Thread strap through closure and into locking chamber.

Pull seal up as far as possible.

Removal by cutting tool.




2500 bags/carton

Carton Dimension:65×53×38cm


Packing Weight

1.2500pcs per carton;

2.Net weight: 14KGS;

3.Gross weight: 15.5KGS;

4.Carton Specification: 65cm*53cm*38cm.

Plastic Strip Seal Lock Factory

Plastic seal parameters:

Applications: Financial, postal services, supermarkets, courier, packaging drums, petrochemicals, container trucks, trucks, valves, mining, customs, packaging and other industries.

Color: red, yellow, green, blue and other colors requested by the customer

Material: The lock body adopts high quality polypropylene (PP) or PA, built-in stainless steel spring, good toughness, acid, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, good insulation.

Marking: Hot stamping: company name, water code

Laser marking: LOGO, company name, bar code, water code, two-dimensional code

Bar Code Plastic seals are the best choice for labeling and quick sealing. Sealing thin and ingenious tapes Suitable for sealing lighter objects such as labels on clothes, trousers, fire extinguishers and steel cord replacement.

1, the bar code plastic seal diameter of 3mm thin lead seal is suitable for many different occasions.

2, its versatility is very suitable for traffic and retail safety insurance.

3, the tail end of a special large ring, to prevent the lock.

4, the cost of injection molding, very suitable for use label.

5, do not need special tools to open, just manually turn the switch can be.

6, Features: Because of the plastic seals on the seal strip, the plastic seal product can be serrated with the flexible plastic buckle in the plastic opening so that the bar code plastic seal can play a very strong fixing role.


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