Wire Seals Can Be Used With Different Wires

Wire seals can be used with different wires

Looking at the seal seal, it is not difficult to find that seals have gradually extended from the old-fashioned seals to many different types of products, of which the wire seal is a special existence. Although plastic seals are bundled equipment or articles to prevent others from disassembling, the difference is that wire seals can be arbitrarily paired with steel wires of different diameters, lengths, and colors to create a customized seal.


The reason why the steel wire seal can be used with different steel wires depends mainly on the structure inside the lock head. The wire seal is composed of a lock head and a steel wire. The steel wire is made of a plurality of strands of fine steel wire and is made together to form a wire rope with a large tensile strength. The lock head will adopt a 3-ball type spring positioning, which will not pass through. The thickness of the steel wire can form a solid triangle by three steel balls, so that once the wire passes through, it cannot exit. Usually, each steel wire seal can reserve a limited space, so the wire diameter that can be matched is also limited, and it cannot be completely suitable for each wire diameter. Although the wire diameter cannot be matched with each type of wire seal, the length of the wire will not be controlled by the lock head. It is possible to customize the length according to the requirements.

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