What Kind Of Seals Are There?

Lead seals are a very wide range of things, and of course there are a lot of categories. Here are a few categories.

The types of lead seal include: lead seal, ordinary lead seal, anti-theft lead seal, wire seal, plastic lead seal, lead seal, container seal. Let's talk about their craft.

1. Anti-theft seal production process

Security seal (aluminum skin seal) is also called the anti-counterfeiting seal, internal for the common seal is made, outsourcing aluminum skin, the surface using a laser type and serial number, bar code, color (existing 18 color) can be made according to user requirements.

2. Plastic seal production process

Plastic lead seal is also called disposable plastic band. Once formed, the surface adopts laser typing and flow number and bar code. The color can be customized according to user's requirement.

3. Wire lead sealing production process

Tightening shi blockade set of lock, lock using metal, outsourcing plastic ABS plastic, the lock body is collet type structure, the surfaces of the lock body heat, laser type and serial number, bar code, color can be customized according to user requirements, the wire diameter phi phi phi is 1.8 1.8, 1.5 length can be produced according to user requirements, the tension of F 250 kg or more.

Scope of application

Railway, aviation, oil fields, customs, ports, post and other logistics. Mines, roads, finance, chemicals, oil, containers, pharmaceuticals and other industries. It is applicable to gas meter, meter, watch box, etc.

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