What Is The Technique Of Wire Sealing

A wire seal may be something everyone hasn't heard of, but it's actually used in many places.

Wire seal, also known as wire seal, on the basis of the use of different occasions also somebody call for container seals, container seals, oil tank truck seals, etc., suitable for all kinds of standard container, van, tank trucks, rail train containers, valves, nozzle, etc. ABS material for low carbon steel, galvanized, outsourcing, lock body is collet type structure, the surfaces of the lock body heat, laser type and serial number, bar code, usage is by hand through the wire seal head lock hole, not only the smoke more and more tightly.

Tensile strength: 250kgf is removed with cable clamp/cutting pliers, and the printing company's logo and/or name, serial number; Can laser bar code, color has yellow, blue, white, green, orange, red. The products are strong, easy to lock, safe and reliable. Standard colors are red, yellow, green, blue, white, and can be customized according to customers' needs. The type of products of our company's wire seal products mainly include: sl-01h taut wire seal, sl-02h wire seal, sl-03h wire seal, sl-04h wire seal, sl-05h wire seal, sl-06h wire seal, etc. The length of the seal is 24.5 CM and the diameter of the steel wire is 1.8. The length can be made according to the user's requirements and the tension can be greater than 250KG.

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