What Is The Day Tomorrow?

Big chill is the last solar term in twenty-four solar terms. When the sun reaches the yellow ching through 300 ° around January 20 each year, it is "big cold." Big cold, is the meaning of the cold to the extreme. "Chrono pass test day" cited "three rituals": "For the big cold, shaped in Osamu, so that the big ... ... the extreme cold, so that big cold." At this time the cold south Frequently, it is the cold period of the year in most areas of our country. The wind is large and the temperature is low.


The area is not covered with snow, showing a freezing cold weather. Poetry cloud "wax tree Yinshan Hyun Kyu light, Shuo wind alone Xiao Jing Sanjiang. Old farmers still like the high snow, there is the next wheat ale." Big cold is the last of China's 24 solar terms, after a cold Beginning of spring, that is, usher in a new year of solar terms cycle.

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