What Is The Date Today?

Today is the "heavy snow" in the 24 solar terms. "Heavy snow" may not necessarily snow, but for the "old Nanjing", bacon is absolutely indispensable.

Nanjing people have an old saying: "snow pickles, salted meat", which are essential for the winter program. "Now people pay attention to a healthy diet, pickled food to eat less, but at this time of year I still want to pickled a few salty duck." Ms. Wang who lives in Nanjing Longjiang said.

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The custom of this bacon, there is a funny legend. Legend has it that in ancient China, there was a monster named Year, with long, sharp corners and fierce anomalies. "Year" for many years living in the sea, every New Year's Eve, will climb the shore to hurt. People in order to avoid injury, by the end of each year, enough to stay at home. Therefore, in the "year" came out, we must reserve a lot of food. Meat, fish, chickens, ducks and other meat products can not survive, people came up with the meat of these pickled storage methods.

As the saying goes, "Winter tonic, open the spring tiger." For many people, snow also means that the "winter fill" moment, tonic can not only improve the body's immune function, but also make the phenomenon of chills improve. "Old Nanjing" snow tonic love lamb, but also with yam, medlar and other "mix and match", more nutritious.

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