What Are The Advantages Of Plastic Seals?

1, with high strength, good adhesion, complete integration of putty, etc., construction convenience, reduce labor intensity, plus immediate construction speed, down construction costs. Straight appearance, and greatly improve the impact resistance of the wall, maintaining the wall from damage, prevent useful damaged nook, repeated repair trouble.

2, winding, construction convenience, beautiful arc.

3, the construction and long-term existence of the sun angle is not straight, beautiful, simple damage to the edges and corners, and other quality problems. In the external insulation disposition, the construction speed is slow, poor impact resistance of the gala, through long-term weathering, water seepage, the wall cracking.

To the wall to engineering questions, to ensure the insulation layer does not crack, the bond strength of glass fiber grid cloth, plastic strip of acid and alkali. The use of this kind of goods, but also progress in earthquake prevention level, to reduce the earthquake disaster of plastic seals, corner, door angle, corner of the window in the construction of difficult and special planning of a new type of building materials. Common climate, corrosion resistance, anti-aging and other characteristics of its strength known plastic seals, patience is good, only centering, rather than steel, wood, aluminum and other traditional building materials.

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