Valentine's Day

Dating couples on Valentine's Day dinner, is one of the common Valentine's Day activities, some people see it as a crucial moment for the development of the relationship. Some merchants will sell Valentine's Day products as Valentine's Day gifts, such as chocolates, flowers and jewelery and jewelry, etc. To date, various types of festivals and gifts have been celebrated in the light of individual cultures around the world.

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Aside from Rome, all nations have their special origins and cultures for their own Valentine's Day.

For example, Valentine's Day in Israel is called "Tu B'Av" (Hebrew: ט"ובאב, Ebola 15), which was originally a Jewish important traditional festival. According to Talmud, The end of the month is the season to celebrate the bumper harvest, with unwed women singing and dancing in vineyards to celebrate the harvest, in a white dress, but the religious significance has gradually been forgotten as people marry, engage, or arrange a romantic day Dating.

Dutch celebrations are very interesting, they think a pair of beautiful traditional wooden shoes is the best Valentine's Day gift.

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