Unique Plastic Seal Has Unique Characteristics

Plastic seal security maintenance of goods and goods, goods storage, and other protective maintenance effect, plastic seal sealing materials and thermal insulation, energetic, formed the solid Angle is insulation system maintenance, does not rust, alkali resistance, aging resistance, high strength and resistance to attack, useful to ensure positive view straight and flat, plastic seal both ends of the network structure, so that the glue more closely, more solid.

Plastic seal has the following advantages;

1. This commodity has high strength, good adhesion, complete integration of putty, etc., construction convenience, alleviating labor intensity, adding the construction speed immediately, and reducing the cost of construction. Direct appearance, and greatly improved the impact wall, to protect the wall from damage, useful to prevent the broken corners, repeated repairs.

2, can twist, construction convenience, beautiful arc.

3. The construction and long-term existence of the sun Angle is not straight, beautiful, side Angle simple damage and other quality problems. In the outer wall thermal insulation disposal, the construction speed is slow, and the impact resistance of the lower corners, through long-term weathering, seepage water, resulting in the wall cracking.

Using this commodity, we will deal with all the quality problems mentioned above, and the difficult questions of the project transfer wall, ensure that the insulation layer is not cracked, the glass fiber mesh is high bonding strength, acid and alkali plastic strips. The use of this commodity, but also progress against the earthquake level, the reduction of the disaster of the plastic seal Angle, the door Angle, the corner of the window construction of the difficult and specialized planning of a new type of construction information. The common climate, corrosion resistance, anti-aging and other characteristics of its strength and famous plastic seal, patience is good, and not steel, wood, aluminum and other traditional building materials.

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