The Seal Must Know The Basics

Container seals are cargo-loaded containers and the correct closure of the door, by a specific staff to apply similar to the locking device. Seals can be divided according to different personnel implied customs seal, commodity inspection seal and business seal. Once the seal is properly locked, it can not be opened unless violated (ie, cut open), and the damaged seal can not be reused. Each seal has a unique number logo. As long as the appearance of the container is complete, the container door is properly closed and the seal is properly locked, it can be proved that the container was unpacked without permission during the transportation. The inside of the container is under the supervision of the boxer when packing.


Customs usually imposes the seal in the following two situations:

First, the customs inspection box. Customs inspection is the customs officers to open the container, or all pulled out to view, in order to allow the owner does not think it is illegally viewed by others, sealed a customs seal told the owner, this is the Customs investigation. At the same time, customs inspection records must also note the customs seal number. At first, when I did this trip, each seal wanted 5 yuan for the receiver.

Second, the customs transit. Customs transit is the goods imported from the port customs, forwarded to the inland customs declaration.

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