The Role Of Stainless Steel Lead Sealing Wire

When it comes to seal products, it can be thought of as an inseparable seal wire, which is slender and flexible. It can be used to pass through the holes in many devices, and a closed circuit is formed by combining the lead closures. Because the seal itself is just a lock, the seal line is required to act as a lock body, thus forming a closed-loop device that forms the basic function of an anti-theft lead blockade. The purpose of the seal wire is mainly to allow the lead blockade to complete the seal and achieve the function. The seal wire can be made of a large number of materials, commonly made of steel, copper, iron and other materials. Copper wire is what we call the seal line, of course, can also be replaced with other materials, such as nylon.

The role of stainless steel lead sealing wire

Among the many cable seals, the stainless steel seal wire is the most commonly used. This type of wire is not the kind of straight wire that is usually imagined. Instead, it is formed by winding two wires in a mutually winding manner. The advantage of this is that after it is sealed, the seal line is difficult to pull because of the uneven winding. If the seal is pulled hard, at least one wire will be broken. When the damaged seal wire block the seal, it was soon found that the seal had been tampered with.

Stainless steel seal wires are often combined with seals, but there are also different requirements for self-cutting of the seals, because the seals can control the length of their own, and when sealing the relatively large devices, they can be sealed, several seals are connected together by a seal wire, so that it can not only expand the scope of the seal, but also to ensure the safety after sealing.

The role of the stainless steel seal wire is far more than these, there are more different features waiting to be developed.

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