The First Lunar Month Is The Lantern Festival

Guess riddles, also known as riddles, is a unique form of traditional folk customs recreational activities in China, is a characteristic activity of the Lantern Festival that has been circulating since ancient times. Every lunar January 15, the traditional folk should be hung lanterns, fireworks, and later there are people who write riddles on the note, affixed to the colorful lights for people to guess. Because the riddle can inspire wisdom and meet the festive atmosphere, so many people respond to, and then gradually become a mystery Lantern Festival indispensable program. The riddles add festive atmosphere, showing the wisdom of the ancient working people and the longing for a better life.


Nearly a thousand years, the production of Lantern Festival see exquisite. As far as the dough is concerned, there are Jiang Mianmian, viscous sorghum surface, yellow rice noodles and bracts noodles. The stuffing is sweet and salty meat and vegetables, everything. Sweet sweet-scented osmanthus sugar, hawthorn sugar, assorted, red bean paste, sesame, peanut and so on. Salty lard stuffing can be fried fried Lantern. Vegetarian mustard, garlic, leek, ginger composed of five Xin Lantern, there are hard-working, long-term, progressive meaning.

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