Steadily Recovering World Economy And Boosting Global Trade Growth

Steadily recovering world economy and boosting global trade growth

After the international financial crisis broke out in 2008, the world economy maintained its low-speed growth for many years. However, since the second half of 2016, the world economy has shown a sustained recovery. To this end, many international organizations raised their forecasts for world economic growth. According to the IMF's forecast in October 2017, about 75% of the world's economy will accelerate in 2017 and accelerate the world economy in its widest range in 10 years. It is estimated that the full-year economic growth rate for 2017 will be 3.6%, of which The overall recovery of developed economies has tended to be stable with an economic growth rate of 2.2%. The economic growth rate of developing economies is 4.6%. The emerging economies are particularly well balanced. Among them, the leading role of China's economic growth is prominent. At the same time, the IMF predicts that the world economic growth will accelerate to 3.7% in 2018, the strongest year since 2011. Among them, the economic growth in advanced economies was 2.0% and the economic growth in developing economies was 4.9%. The steady recovery of the world economy will bring a marked recovery in demand, thus contributing to the sustained global trade growth in 2018.

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