Security Seals In The Transport Industry

Because of increased needs for tracking and traceability, seals are often barcoded to reduce the likelihood of human error. Barcodes will help workers to reduce mistakes in recording the numbers assigned to each asset. As an alternative to bar codes, some cable seals can even be made with a removable tag that can serve the same function in removing human error without the need for any supporting technology.

In the transport of ingredients or finished goods, the use of high security cable seals and bolt seals for high value pharmaceutical loads protects your precious cargo.Hybrid tamper evident devices are crucial for transporting high value vaccines and medicines and preventing the likelihood of loss.The Bochuang features a non-preformed security cable that frays when cut with various marking options for customized tracking.The seal pulls tight for maximum security and can only be removed with cable cutters.

Across the industry there is a desire to move things quickly and with as few errors as possible. In addition to bar-coded cable seals, over-molded cable seals are growing in popularity. Over-molded cable seals are your standard metal seals with a plastic casing to improve marking and readability by various barcode scanners. This type of seal is resistant to rust and less likely to have the marking tampered with than traditional painted or printed seals.

Bochuang is the provider of security and tamper evident seals, including indicative seals, cable seals, bolts, security tapes, labels, and locking devices. Bochuang is the global leader in innovation & reliability, providing regulatory compliant customizable solutions to track, trace, and authenticate shipments.Contact us to tell us about your application needs and learn more about how our security seals can make your supply chain safer.

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