Sealing Above The Application Of UHF Chips

In the past, when talking about seal seals, it was often perceived as a one-time use product. However, with the development of society, a product with UHF chips has gradually appeared in front of people. The UHF chip, which is used in the inventory and inventory of goods, has a unique identification code and is capable of large-data access. It can match ultra-high frequency chips with lead seal products and can greatly enhance the use of UHF chips. The use of seals is convenient, and the unique identification code makes the seal imitation impossible.

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At present, most applications related to UHF chips are inspection management, such as seal inspection of oil pipelines, seal inspection of natural gas pipelines, and seal inspection of meter boxes. After the UHF chip seal is used, it is only necessary to observe whether there is any damage on the surface of the seal, and then use the handset to read the UHF unique identification code for proofreading, so as to determine whether the seal has any doubts. The seal with chip not only has the function of one-off sealing of the original seal, but also has the function of unique identification code. The protection of two layers makes the seal imitation unable to start. At the same time, the UHF chip provides conditions for reading information at a long distance. After using the handheld, it can read the number of UHF seals in a certain range, which saves time for statistical investigation.

There are many applications of lead-seal combined with chips, and different products can be developed according to different frequency bands of the chip. In the future, more and more chips will be added on the lead seal.

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