Safety Solutions For Shipping Container

Transport containers secured with bolt seals, such as shipping containers, are normally opened using bolt cutters. However, this method carries the risk of accident or damage: the severed parts can fly off, endangering the operator of the bolt cutters and people in the immediate working environment. In this situation, personal protection equipment such as helmets and gloves may be inadequate to protect trained staff from injury, which can result in the loss of working hours. Furthermore, sharp seal fragments that fall to the floor often cause damage to the tyres of trucks on site, leading to considerable costs and delays in the supply chain.

Tamper-Resistant refers to a feature of the item secured by a security seal that is created to resist access to the product. 

Tamper-Evident describes a feature that makes unauthorized access to the product easily detectable by the consumer.  

The concept of "Tamper-Proof"  is not used by regulatory agencies since no security seal design is considered impenetrable.

Food and drug manufacturers carry the highest percentage of burden, but there is risk in almost all industries when TR or TE security seals is not used in its storage and transport process.  Other industries have benefitted from implementing features appling a security seals to help preventing unauthorized open of storage or transfer containers with logo and sequential serial number imprint.

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