Precautions For Buying Seals And The Benefits Of Container Lock Mold

Many logistics companies will buy our company's disposable plastic seals for use in logistics seals. What should be noted when choosing seals? First of all, the main user needs, our company produces various types of seals, there are plastic seals, wire seals, size, style, length are different, when the guests in the purchase of seals, in the end to choose what kind of seals, this mainly Look at the needs of your company, such as the length of the seal, the strength of the seal, and so on. In addition when purchasing seal products, cost control is also one of the key considerations of the company, because logistics seals are one-time loss supplies, some companies need to minimize operating costs, we recommend the purchase of plastic seals, plastic seals relative to the wire seal The cost price is lower. For example, some industries have strong demands on pull strength. We recommend wire seals.

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The Shi blockade, which includes a bushing and an envelope, is characterized in that one end of the envelope is connected with the tail of the plug through a connecting cord, a keyhole is opened at the other end of the envelope, and a clamping spring is arranged in the inner cavity of the envelope. This product is connected to the sealing core as a whole, not a single loss, the use of the clip spring has a high elastic index, easy to seal, the outer surface of the jacket is provided with a plastic material layer, not easy to rust, suitable for printing a variety of marks.

The Shi blockade lock mold includes upper and lower mold bases. The upper and lower mold bases are respectively provided with a plurality of mold cavities. The upper mold base is provided with an injection port. The upper and lower mold bases are respectively provided with a plurality of mold cavities. The injection molding channel. The product has simple structure, convenient operation and low cost. A plurality of mold cavities are arranged in the mold, and multiple lock heads can be molded at the same time, which greatly improves the production efficiency and improves the product quality, and has a very good practical value.

Shi blockade, table blockade, wire seals apply to electricity meters, water meters, postal bags, armor closures, instrumentation, power supply, gas supply, water supply, military, petroleum transportation, chemical, mining, postal, customs, railway, finance, container, foreign trade Commodity inspection, transportation product processing, and enterprise product inspection, packaging barrel packaging and other series.

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