Plastic Seals Introduction And Application

Plastic seals are modern merchants affixing a strip of stickers on the container (appropriate to the identity of the items), to prevent containers from being lost or stolen during transit. Most of the users are cargo owners (shippers), shipping companies, and customs. Although there is a certain degree of protection, some people still make counterfeit plastic seals, causing a lot of trouble. Bochuang’s plastic seals are divided into: strips plastic seals, plastic seals, metal plastic seals, electronic plastic seals.Plastic Seals Introduction and ApplicationBochuang Plastic Seals Introduction

1. The users of Bochuang Plastic seals are: cargo owners (shippers), shipping companies, and customs. The plastic seals are designed to prevent damages from being lost or stolen during container transportation. Such plastic seals need to be distinguished visually, are easier to fabricate, copy, and sometimes fail to achieve the desired results. In order to solve the problems caused by these plastic seals, mass production of electronic plastic seals is promoted.

2. There are two kinds of common electronic plastic seals: The first one is a plastic seal that relies on a memory cell with a certain number., which is used to record the movement of a door, a warehouse, or a container switch in the supply logistics process, and can be read through the red line. It can be used repeatedly.

3. In order to seek better safety and quality, Bochuang have evolved to produce various types of anti-counterfeiting plastic seals. Following the advancement of science and technology, electronic plastic seals are evolved. Electronic plastic seal is derived from the plastic seal of the container, therefore, according to the demand of the market, the product can be designed according to the requirements of the customer, and the innovative production can make the product more promising.

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