Laba Festival Custom

This day has the practice of eating Laba porridge. In the south of China, northwestern China still retains this practice.

Bubba eight garlic is a custom in North China. Laba garlic means Laba garlic vinegar with garlic on the day. Before and after the Spring Festival, soaked in vinegar for twenty days garlic cloves will appear green or green, the specific color may be due to garlic varieties, vinegar varieties and place the environment a little different.

cable tieBubbauba garlic garlic vinegar is called Laba vinegar to green when the vinegar also has the garlic spicy. Before and after the Spring Festival, there were more custom to eat dumplings in the north, while the Laba garlic and dip in Laba vinegar were a unique custom before and after the Spring Festival. In addition to eating dumplings, Laba garlic is also useful to mix cold dishes.

Laba tofu is one of Anhui Anhui folk traditional dishes. Laba eve between the sun drying tofu.

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