Jing Sting Custom

Chinese folklore White Tiger is the tongue, the god of non-rights, come out on this day every year looking for food, open bite, guilty of this year, often evil villain waves to you, blocking your future Development, caused by various ill-conceived. In order to protect ourselves, we sacrificed the white tiger on that day.


The so-called sacrificial white tiger, refers to the white tiger drawn on the worship paper, paper tiger is generally yellow black markings, painted a pair of fangs. At the time of the sacrifice, it is necessary to feed it with fat pig's blood so that it will no longer be exported after it has been eaten. Then the raw pork is smeared on the mouth of a paper tiger to make it full of oil and water.

Jingzhe symbolizes the beginning of February, will be a flat thunder, awakened all hibernating snake ants and ants, the family of crawling ants will react, foraging around. Therefore, on the day of the ancient jellyfish, people will hold fragrances, wormwoods and smoked products in the four corners of the world to drive snakes, insects, mosquitoes, rats and musty flavors. Over time, they gradually evolve into the habit of beating their enemies and fostering bad luck. That is, "playing villain" predecessor.

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