How To Identify The Quality Of Plastic Seals

First, the appearance of the usual appearance of the disposal of electroplating, spraying and coloring three, these appearance can be a layer of protective packaging products, from the anti-corrosion and anti-rust effect, together with the goods more beautiful by the use. Good quality locks, usually use electroplating treatment, moderate coating, very uniform, colorful, no bubbles, rust and oxidation marks.

Second, the information, the plastic seal on the market data is divided into stainless steel, copper, zinc alloy, steel and aluminum. Stainless steel strength, corrosion resistance, the same color, is the best lock information; copper contrast general, superior mechanical properties, offer also expensive; high-quality zinc alloy durable wear, anti-corrosion can be very strong, simple Forming, usually used to make mid - range locks.

Three, weight, and sound, to weigh the weight, than the hand, listen to the sound. Cut corners of the goods, with hollow information and residual information to make, this information weighs up very light, the use of the feel is also very poor, sound boring; good lock is the opposite.

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