How Is Plastic Seal Usually Used

Plastic seal, also known as the cord belt, the belt, the lock belt. According to the material division, plastic seal can be divided into nylon seal, stainless steel seal, spray stainless steel seal; There are various kinds of functions, such as ordinary seal, retractive seal, seal, fixed lock seal, bolt seal, tension seal and so on. Usually plastic seals are disposable products that can only be opened after use.

The plastic seal, as the name implies, is the strap of the bundle, the design has the check function, the more the tighter. Divided into the metal seal (generally) for stainless steel materials and plastic seal (generally for nylon material), commonly used in aviation, shipping, container, food chemicals, warehouse, cash bag, bag, safe deposit box, etc. The seals are made of the UL approved nylon - 66 material, with a fire rating of 94v-2, which is good for acid, corrosion, good insulation, easy to age, light weight, safe and non-toxic, strong bearing force. The operating temperature is 40 to 90 degrees below zero. Integrated mechanical properties are superior to general engineering plastics and are ideal materials for copper, stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals.

The way to use the plastic seal is very simple. Just pass the end of the seal to the goods that need to be strapped, then pass the lock through the lock and adjust the length to the right length. When dismantling the plastic seal, you need to pay attention to the use of the tool. The seal is a disposable product, and you can complete the removal of the seal by cutting it off at the point of the lock.

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