Exchange Rate Changed

Last week due to the uncertainty of Brexit, the exchange rate kept falling and remained low.

As the EU has not yet decided whether Britain will remain in a single market, the outlook is not optimistic.

A new report released yesterday showed the prospect of a stronger pound against the euro this morning.

According to the latest figures from Bloomberg, the exchange rate rose to 1.1355 this morning at 7.30 am.

Laura Parsons, currency strategist at TorFX, said: "The GBP / EUR exchange rate was higher on Tuesday as the British report released by Brexit helped pound sterling."


Rumors about Britain's position inside the EU are questioned, and follow-up negotiations on Brexit's departure should be attributed to the rise of the European Union.

Laura explained that Stirling rumors that the European P

arliament is planning to allow Britain to leave the United Kingdom after Brexit the right to enter a single market, which fully surged.

It is good news for the GBP / EUR exchange rate to enter a single market.

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