Electronic Seals Gradually Become A Trend

The Active Green Passage is a 100-year feature of the "Cargo Safety and Security Program". It adopts active electronic seals, GPS positioning and 3G communication functions to instantly monitor and monitor container movements. At present, China plans two green channels using active electronic seals to be used for the re-shipment of goods by sea between Keelung Port and Taipei Port under the jurisdiction of the Tariff Bureau of Keelung and the air cargo transported by the Taipei Customs Bureau over the transit area between Taoyuan International Airport and Yong Chu Inter-company .

bolt seal

In addition, the General Administration of Tariff further indicated that the project had completed the electronic seal monitoring system of the Taichung Customs Administration in 1999 and cooperated with Malaysia in carrying out the pilot test of trans-national container transport. In August this year, it completed the electronic seal monitoring system of Taipei Customs Bureau and is scheduled to hold this year June and June next year, respectively completed Keeluon Customs Service and Kaohsiung Customs System set up. 俟 After the completion of the national system, container movement monitoring at the border and inside borders will be expanded from the current point and line monitoring to surface monitoring to effectively enhance the safety level of container (object) movement in our country and will be in line with the trend of international customs development .

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