Electronic Seal Is What Kind Of Business Process?

Electronic seal

  1. Measuring instruments patron saint and security lock: to prevent counterfeit fake seals,

    completely eliminate theft, theft, pirates and other incidents. Common lead seals by seal on the seal to determine the authenticity of seals, very easy to copy, it is easy to give criminals an opportunity to take advantage of. And each electronic seal has a unique identification code, the seal making identification code is manufactured in the semiconductor chip manufacturing and laser microlithography, in the world without duplication, can be read by wireless non-contact method The only code chip, and compared with the database to determine the seal true and false. Electronic seal manufacturing costs lower, but the imitation costs are very high, and imitation is very difficult, which fundamentally shut out the lawless elements. To prevent the occurrence of imitation or misappropriation, can bring huge economic benefits to the utility company.

  2. To achieve the digital management of meter reading: non-contact way to read the information automatically pick up the water meter customer files, large capacity meter reading data, automatically generate and export fee forms.


The meter reading staff carrying the hand-held meter reading device that can identify the seal can arrive at the scene automatically by identifying the electronic seal, and then input the current file number of the measuring instrument, input the current display number of the measuring instrument, and then import it directly after storage Computer software generates a fee form. In this way, ordinary water meter, electric meter, gas meter using the electronic seal, you can achieve fast automatic table identification, electronic storage meter readings, computer import meter reading results, automatically generate fee forms, print charging documents and other functions. Using very little input, you can upgrade your meter reading management to a paperless digital information management level. Scope of application Suitable for electricity meters, water meters, postal bags, armament Shi Feng, instrumentation, power supply, gas supply, water supply, military, petroleum transport, chemical, mining, postal services, customs, railway, finance, container, foreign trade commodity inspection, transportation product processing , And enterprise product inspection, packaging drums, energy measurement, to prevent theft and storage leaks and other industries.

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