AMT Power Industry One Of The Applications: Electronic Lead Seal

In general, lead seals are used to measure the closure of the equipment, filling someone to open the measuring instrument to mediate the accuracy of the instrument. Lead in the implementation of the seal, the general use of the lead seal pliers, pliers engraved with anti-counterfeit patterns, seals from the seals on the seal decisive seal of the authenticity. From this we can see that the general seal anti-counterfeit ability is completed by the clamp. As far as current builders' talents are concerned, it is extremely cumbersome to copy a gravure seal, so the general sealant is very burdensome for the legitimate elements to take advantage of. At present, the legitimate conduct of stealing pirates, pirating water, stolen gas and stealing oil through the unauthorized alteration of seals in the community has brought about a massive economic loss to supply companies.

One-time electronic seal, the monopoly of the latest RFID technology for the power industry entered the Internet of things took the first step. It uses cheaper cost, ineffective promotion of seal security, at the same time with GPRS / CDMA / 3G / infrared / wired technology such as combination of local data into the database interrupt Xitu, greatly promoted the Greek level. In the end, the power companies bring indirect economic and social meter seal,electric meter seal,numbered security plastic seal,wire cable seal,plastic meter seal,numbered security cable seal,fire extinguisher plastic seal.

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