Discarded Seals Should Be Handled

The application fields of seal products are more and more extensive, and the usage is also getting larger and bigger. We know that the seals are all disposable, and they cannot be used again after they have been used. How do you handle the discarded seals?

Most of the seals made of metal wire, steel wire, aluminum alloy, plastic and other materials will cause a great deal of environmental pollution, it is clear that the waste seals can not be discarded, they must be recycled, unified collection and placement, otherwise It will cause environmental pollution. General plastic seal This is because the material is PC polycarbonate ABS resin, less pollution to the environment, but aluminum seals or seals are such lead seals because there is "lead" or "aluminum", can not be free Discarded, lead pollution is difficult to control. Can focus on processing (reflow recast). Some can be sold directly to the waste station.

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