Description And Precautions For The Use Of Bolt Seals

The bolt seal is a seal product made of galvanized low-carbon steel as the lock body outsourcing ABS plastic, and the inner spring steel retainer has a diamond retainer or an O retainer. It is corrosion-resistant and anti-theft. Ordinary wire cutters have no effect on it. When unlocked, special pliers are needed to cut them. Its appearance has a variety of colors to choose from and can be customized according to needs. After the color selection, it can be laser engraved on the surface of the lock body, such as: company name, LOGO, number, barcode, QR code and so on.

Description and precautions for the use of bolt seals

The bolt seal adopts the buckle type lock. When used, the lock and the lock bar connected by the plastic rod are broken down. After the lock is worn, the lock is pressed and the clamping sound is issued to make sure the installation is successful.

It is important to note that since the high protection seal adopts the buckle type lock, sometimes it will cause the false buckle of the bolt seal due to changes in the internal lock parts , and the anti-theft function will be lost after the false buckle. This shows that even with high strength anti - theft function, the bolt seal also needs careful use.

The bolt seals are widely used in containers, trailers, trucks, railway wagons, railway trains, trucks, high-value or dangerous goods, and they are being used by more and more industries.

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