Container Seals Classification And Application

Classification and Application of Container Seals

1, the classification of seals

(1)by the imposing seal of the person can be divided into: factory seal (factory seal, is the export factory plus); lock (closed, that is, customs seal, is the customs plus); ship closure (shipping company seal, Company plus); terminal temporary closure (terminal temporary seal, is the terminal plus).

(2)According to the sealing material and function can be divided into: high security seals (also known as bullet seals), wire seals, plastic seals, metal seals and padlock seals and so on.

2, when the temporary closure of the temporary seal

(1) unloading ship accidentally ruin the closet on the back door of the cabinet;

(2) cabinet unloading ship in the terminal after the demolition of the counter, the consignee to take the first shipment.

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