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Today's non-fast economic development, product technology and new products are updated every day. The development of the speed of light on the Internet has also brought the development of products. Real life has entered the era of virtual networks and seals have also gained a firm foothold in the virtual network.

The application of seals in Shandong Bochuang lock industry in the world means that some of our confidentiality in our lives will be enormously effective. Therefore, whoever has a high quality product and whose products are popular, anyone will master the double-edged sword in the seal market. The advent of lead seals means changes and innovations in history. Leading seals, thanks to the quality and uniqueness of their properties, have brought about hundreds of years of development opportunities for enterprises.

Bo chuang

The types of seals are very large now, like railroads, customs applications, and disposable plastic seals and aluminum seals.

Sealed material and color

The sealed seal shell produced by Shandong Bochuang Seal Co., Ltd. is a requirement. If it fails to meet the requirements in the production process, it is not allowed to leave the factory. We seal every seal of the seals strictly and strictly. Allow a defective seal to flow to the user.

Our sealed lead seal shells are made of polycarbonate and the polycarbonate requirements must also be transparent. Sealed internals are made from ABS. If the colors produced do not match the intended color, the product will be returned to the waste container for storage. We strictly control the production of seals and never allow one unqualified product to leave the factory.

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