Chinese's Influence In Asia

Pakistan is the gate to China's economic goal and it is impossible for Afghanistan to disagree with the peace and security era. If the border between China and Pakistan, including the starting point of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China, and the Gwadal port, the last stop of the China Pacific Economic Cooperation, terrorism and insecurity continue, the strategy will not be successful. 

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Therefore, China is stepping up its influence and investment in Afghanistan. It provides training for Afghan security personnel and scholarships to Afghan students. In the meantime, China is working hard to establish cooperation with the United States to bring peace to Afghanistan. Pakistan is taking similar measures to eliminate terrorism.

China's activities are also seen as helping to solve the global problem of poverty. Both Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and Malaysian Prime Minister Nazarb Razak strongly support China's steps taken in the ASEAN countries.

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