April Fools' Day History

April Fools' Day April Fools' Day

Practical jokes and mischief can be traced back to ancient Roman times. The Romans and Celts celebrated an actual joke holiday around the March equinox.

The Origin of Fool Running;

According to Roman mythology, Pluto God kidnapped Proserpina to the underworld. Her mother, Ceres, only heard her daughter's voice and responded in search of her in vain. Some people think that search without results has inspired the tradition of “fool errands.” This is a practical joke where people are asked to complete an impossible or imagined task.

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April Fools' Day in British Folkways

British folklore connected April Fools' Day to Gotham, Nottinghamshire. According to legend, in the 13th century, the traditional king set foot on any road to become a public property. So when citizens of Gotham heard that King John planned to cross their town, they refused his entry and did not want to lose their main road. When the king heard the news, he sent soldiers to the town. But when the soldiers arrived at Gotham, they discovered that the town was full of fools engaged in stupid activities such as drowning fish. As a result, the king declared the town too stupid and not worth the punishment.

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