2018: Departure Toward New Deal Of Economic And Trade Power

2018: Departure toward New Deal of Economic and Trade Power

With the New Year's bell, a brand new 2018 is coming.

2017 has just passed, harvest gratifying. China's foreign economic and trade hand over a dazzling "report card." In the first 11 months, the total volume of trade in goods exceeded 25 trillion yuan, up 15.6%, a record high in 6 years. The first 10 months, the total trade in services nearly 4 trillion yuan, an increase of 9.9%, export growth for the first time in 7 years faster than imports. China's use of foreign investment stalled stabilized with an increase of 9.8%. The use of foreign investment by manufacturing industries reversed the continuous decline in the past five years. The development of foreign investment has been more robust with 52 billion U.S. dollars of mergers and acquisitions and 12.37 billion U.S. dollars of investment in countries along the Belt and Road, accounting for 3 percentage points of the total foreign investment.

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Globally, China is already the number one trade country and the largest exporter of goods, with the consumption, foreign investment, import of goods and service trade ranking the second in the world. The exports of high-tech and high value-added products have enjoyed steady growth. Trade has achieved the same shift in both exports and imports. Significantly increased the level of utilization of foreign capital, the scale of the world's top three, the proportion of foreign high-tech industries increased significantly. Foreign investment and cooperation have witnessed rapid growth with the scale second in the world and a net capital exporter. The power of global economic governance has been continuously raised. China's international influence has been significantly enhanced.

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