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New style locks seal lock with s with logo



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Materials Polycarbonate for the outer clear body; ABS plastic for the insert part.
Product name meter seal
Color Yellow/Red/Green/Blue/Purple etc.
Application meter boxes like electrical and water meter boxes
wire materials Galvanized Steel wire/Copper wire Nylon´╝îcoated wire/stainless steel wire/mixed with kinds of material
size 7*0.68mm or others as per request
weight 1.72g
strength >40N
imprinting Laser marking
marking content Printing logo,name,numbering and bar Code
Certificate ISO9001:2000ISO/PAS 17712


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   container seal


Our company is an outstanding manufacturer, supplier and exporter of water meter manufacturing in China. These gauge seals are made of tinplate steel and can also be made of stainless steel. s is plastic material, standard or non-standard seals for all types of ISO containers, container trucks, doors and so on.

Apply to water seals,electronic water seals,postal bags,army machinery locking,power supply,electricity supply,gas supply,water supply,army industry,petroleum express,chemical industry,mine,postal,customs,railway,finance etc. industry

The wire can be supplied separately or attached at the seal itself.0.7mm diameter wire with standard length 20cm, length available.




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1. We produce inexpensive high-quality products.

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in good order and proper carton

Before delivery,we will write down the information:

1)carton number with item characteristic such as color,length and so on;

2)name of the item;

3)item number range in each carton




1. Plug-ins and external components are laser printing, the same serial number, tamper-proof, anti-theft

2. Shell transparent PC injection, ABS insertion section

3. Disposable plastic products, easy to recycle

4.Professional QC and R&D teams to assure high quality

5.Professional design team, mold maker engineer. OEM/ODM service. No MOQ required, small quantity is acceptable.

6.Professional sales team. Good English capabilities and communication skills.

7.Keep secret to your idea and your design.

8.Prompt delivery. For prototype: 3-7 days, Production orders can be arranged specially to meet customer's urgent demands


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