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HOT SALE different types gas meter seals with good prices BC-MS202




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gas meter seals


PC casing&ABS core


High security plastic twist meter seal 


red,yellow,green,blue and white,etc.


1.Main:15mmx820mm The Dimensions


3.Removal by cable/bolt cutters

4.Operating Temperature:-40°C to 110°c/-40°F to 230°F

5.Metallic spiral wire:stainless steel wire coated plastic ,iron wire,copper wire




Standard:100pcs/bag 50bags/carton

Carton specification:50cmx40cmx27cm


N.W:2.1g / pcs

N.W:11kg /carton




About Us


These heavy-duty safety seals are manufactured in 23 gauge, double-annealed, galvanized steel and 3/8 "lead seal discs with two holes in the seal plate through which the wire can pass to adjust the length of the seal to your specific needs. They can easily press a quick and safe sealed application with one hand.

The easy-to-adjust nature of these galvanized steel wires and lead seals makes them ideal for a wide range of applications. Soft lead plates are easier to apply and press-seal than similar plastic products and are more durable and durable, making them the best choice for permanent or semi-permanent applications.

These seals are made of corrosion-resistant materials and are particularly suitable for outdoor applications and other harsh working conditions. Rain, snow, salt water spray - they can take it all.


Our Service


Price concessions: We can provide the price is definitely the most advantageous price in the industry. We will free mold according to your order quantity. Create a new type of instrument seal.

Diversified signs: as long as you provide drawings. We can make samples as soon as your request. Because we have stock.

Certificate: International certification is that we must have. The proof of authority is a high quality proof of our security seal.

About shipping: We usually choose TNT, UPS, DHL, FedEx and so on. We will communicate further decision-making.

Payment: PayPal, Western Union, TT30%, LC and so on.


Two-component plastic seal.

Seal with Roto printer.

Rotate around the insert using the Roto-Press wire.

Visual inspection of the detected tamper attempt by examining the sealed back side.

Use with wire reel or pre-cut wire (sold separately).

Insert Accept the impression from Roto-Press.

Use Roto Press's attached ID (3 characters).

News has built-in tools.


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