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BC-C207 Excellent Quality Twist



Seal Material: Polycarbonate for the outer clear body; ABS plastic for the insert part.

Wire Material: Galvanized Steel wire/Copper wire Nyloncoated ABS wire/stainless steel wire

Strength:         >15kg

Wire Length:   23cm standard 

Color:         Yellow/Red/Green/Blue/Purple etc.

Printing:         Laser printing

Options:      Printing logo,name,numbering and barCode

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We are a major supplier of safety seals in various industries. From casinos and banking institutions, chemical plants and healthcare facilities, our products are versatile to be customized to meet the needs of every type. Our products are created by combining our security system knowledge with the defense and other government agencies. Developed by developers to create innovative solutions to ensure that your safety requirements are fully met. Bochuang owns a production plant where customers can trust us to get the job done. You can use a variety of live chat systems to talk directly with your customer service representatives who can answer any of your questions. Our safety system codes are easy to identify and our online application seal chart will help our customers effectively use our sealing systems.


1. Instrument seal design has multiple breakpoints. If the seal is tampered with and opened, the point of failure is broken and the seal can not be applied again.

2. Seals can be supplied with or without wires. Wires are supplied in custom lengths or reels.

3. All gauge seals can be custom marked embossed. Identification and serial number.

4. Seal is easy to use, do not need to use any tools. Need a cutter to remove the seal.

Shandong Borch Seal Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing container bolt seals, lead seals, cable seals, plastic seals, high-security seals and other products of professional firms. Borch seals located in Qingyun County, Shandong Province, is China's largest manufacturer of seals. Convenient transportation, the existing plant area of over 6,500 square meters. More than 160 employees, professionals 30 people, is committed to producing quality products. Hundreds of machines for manufacturing machines allow us to fulfill the production tasks that our customers have handed over to us in the shortest possible time. Standardized packaging, and strive to allow you to transport at the lowest cost. At the same time, we will send you detailed cost statistics and solve all the problems for you.


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Welcome to bochuang lock company. We will be able to convince you with our high quality products.



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