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BC-M206 Excellent Quality Twist Tampering



Dimension´╝ÜRefer to the following picture

Color: customization

Print: serial number, logo,company name,barcode, etc
Simple,no tools or assembly required

Pass the wire through the two holes in the outer part,and then turn the handle clockwise to achieve the perfect closure.

Removable by cable cutter.

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Bochuang Seal manufacturers produce a variety of seals, low prices, high quality and short delivery times. On time delivery. Samples of various products are free, and the courier fee paid by the buyer. Western Union, T / T 30% advance payment, 70% balance before delivery. If you do not have the product type you need, we can choose the new product mold according to your description. The cost of the mold is paid by us, you can rest assured.

bochuang SEAL is a trusted manufacturer of high safety seals and tamperproof container seals. We have more than 10 years of experience in the supply chain safety industry. With many successful records, we have become one of the largest manufacturers of tamper-evident label solutions in the world. Our products combine innovative design with unparalleled safety to deliver unmatched quality, price, delivery time and more. We are always striving to provide quality solutions and our goal is to exceed the expectations of all customers who choose Bochuang SEAL as their trusted security solution provider.

Features and innovative solutions to safety issues

Easy to use: - Insert the wire through the hole and insert the anchor into the capsule. Apply pressure with your thumb and lock.

The transparent body provides full visibility of the locking mechanism and provides clear tampering instructions.

Designed for one-time use, will break open.

Can not be easily opened - cutting forceps need to be removed.

To withstand the sun exposure. Can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Please contact us today to find the right safety system that will meet all your needs. We provide color coded locks to fit every need, and our tamperproof security seals are available all over the world. Our customer service representatives will be happy to answer your call.


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