Water Meter Security Seal

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High demands water meter security seal for sale BC-M103water meter security seal


Seal Material:Polycarbonate for the outer clear body;ABS plastic for the insert part.

Wire Material:Galvanized Steel wire/Copper wire Nyloncoated wire/stainless steel wire/mixed with kinds of material


Easy to apply

Simple,no tools or assembly required.Pass the wire through the two holes in the outer part,and then turn the handle clockwise to achieve the perfect closure.Removable by cable cutter.



100pcs per poly bag

50 poly bags per carton

Carton Dimension:66×35×29cm




More information about water meter security seal BC-M103

The types of seal products are not only hard to find manufacturers, but also have other special advantages. Different styles of seals will be very difficult to imitate exactly the same, and there will be corresponding sections when the seals are customized. The bar code and bar code are very similar in position and color during laser engraving, and copying the relative data is a high degree of difficulty.



Meter security seals is a high-quality and cost-efficient sealing solution for all kinds of meters. Typical applications for the meter seals include utility meters, scales, gasoline pumps, drums and totes. Be assured of better security with our innovative use of materials.


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