Lead Seal For Water Meter

Lead Seal For Water Meter
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M108 tamper proof meter security seals in the China factory




Product Name

meter security seals


PC casing&ABS core


High security plastic twist meter seal 


red,yellow,green,blue and white,etc.


1.Main:27mmx25mm The Dimensions;22mmx19mm(bottom Xhigh)


3.Removal by cable/bolt cutters

4.Operating Temperature:-40°C to 110°c/-40°F to 230°F

5.Metallic spiral wire:stainless steel wire coated plastic ,iron wire,copper wire




Standard:100pcs/bag 50bags/carton

Carton specification:50cmx40cmx27cm

Weight per carton:12.5kg



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 We produce Meter security seals for more than 10 years. We have always been strict with our own standards. About the suppliers of raw materials We also cooperate in the selection of quality and qualified in all aspects. Just like you know. The production of a product includes many aspects. Each link requires our strict control. Every year, the company introduces new production machines to increase production and product quality. Every safety seal has to be tested in all aspects before shipping. Includes tensile testing. Staff will be detailed records of each product data, like the product's ID card. This is convenient for us to improve and innovate.

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1)Delivery deadline: as a manufacturer. We can guarantee on-time delivery, to avoid the tedious process of communication.

2) Free samples: We will design samples based on your request. Samples will be sent to you before production.

3)Accept audits: Before shipping, you can come to my factory to supervise the production of the products. Ensure product quality. I have been strict in product quality requirements.

4)We are solely responsible for packaging and transportation. We will send you the information you need.


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I believe every customer will consider the price of the product selection problems. Lower prices are more popular. Bochuang lock industry has a professional technology and more than 10 years of production experience. And have their own production plant is one of our major advantages. You as a buyer, negotiate directly with the factory. I believe you will get the price you want. And we can print the product according to your request. Including text, logo, pics, number and so on.



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