Electric Meter Security Seals

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High demands electric meter security seals electronic for sale BC-M102


Seal Material:Polycarbonate for the outer clear body;ABS plastic for the insert part.

Wire Material:Galvanized Steel wire/Copper wire Nyloncoated wire/stainless steel wire/mixed with kinds of material

Easy to apply

Simple,no tools or assembly required

Pass the wire through the two holes in the outer part,and then turn the handle clockwise to achieve the perfect closure.

Removable by cable cutter.


100pcs per poly bag

50 poly bags per carton

Carton Dimension:73×35×23cm


There are so many styles of Electric Meter Security Seals, which makes it impossible for a seal supplier to have all the seals. If the number of customized seals is not enough, the supplier will not make the corresponding abrasives into production.

Of course, the types of seal products are not only hard to find manufacturers, but also have other special advantages. Different styles of seals will be very difficult to imitate exactly the same, and there will be corresponding sections when the seals are customized. The bar code and bar code are very similar in position and color during laser engraving, and copying the relative data is a high degree of difficulty.


Electric Meter Security Seals are commonly used to seal meter, water meter, meter, etc. Today, seal beans are no longer the mainstream instrument seals, but improved a variety of models of seal products. The common feature of these instrument seals is that they are disposable and sealed, but their customization methods are varied.

In the past, Electric Meter Security Seals were made from all-lead materials. Disposable unlabeled beans were easily discarded and easily left to cause environmental pollution. Therefore, most of the current seals are mainly made of plastic materials, with built-in stainless steel needles and stainless steel seals. Lines, combined into a seal that is both environmental protection and anti-counterfeiting instruments. The custom requirements of instrument seals are no longer to make a fuss about the material and appearance of the product, but to make the label into an anti-counterfeiting label, and then the required information is stamped and printed on the label, and finally sealed into the seal. Such operations can keep the information on seals for more than 10 years, and the inside of counterfeit seals make copying difficult.

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