Metal Seals for Trucks

Product Details

BC-S101 container vans goods




Metal strap seal, indicative seal

Tinplate steel, can’t be rusted, can’t be deformed

Related parameter of metal strap seal

Application: containers ocean shipping,Logistics transportation,Van trucks, trucks, tank trucks, railway trucks etc



Total length

Locking part wide

Metal thickness

Tensile strength









Containers ocean shipping,Logistics transportation,Van trucks,trucks,tanks trucks,railway trucks,etc


Packing :



1) PE Bag : 100 pieces per bag ( according to length and weight )

           With the same range of serial numbers.

           10 bags one carton box

   Or can be packed according to customers’ requests.

2) Box Size: 35x26x20cm  Gross weight: 6.7kg

3) Packed in Pallets




Edge curling is safe and easy to handle

Breaking strength: Less than 500 pounds of force to break away

We choose the starting number, spot metal seal serial number

Spot metal seal must be purchased from 100

Personalize your seal:

With the company name (up to 17 characters)

With serial number (up to 7 digits, consecutive number, no dash or space)

Personalized stamps must be purchased in increments of 1000

Allow 6-7 weeks of personalized order delivery

Can be used for trailer doors, rail cars and storage equipment and more

Embossed seals are tin plated steel with information relief

adjustable luggage plastic security seals

Metal cover soft texture, high ductility. The pattern can be printed on the product by way of hot stamping.

We will arrange for a shipping company to transport your goods during the transportation and then during the communication with you. Pre-payment does not have to be full, you can advance down payment. Wait for the product to arrive in your hand before paying the remaining charge.

During this period, you have any questions, please feel free to consult us. We will do our best to answer your questions.


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