Tamper Printing Cable Seal for Container

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tamper printing cable seal for container



How to seal it ?
After the user seal it, we suggest the user cut the wire at the end. because the wire is NPC,The wire will be scattered like the pictures on the left. 
it is more security.

How much is the tensile strength ?

We tested the seals in the general weather, The tensile strength is more than 170kgs (375lbs)


Material: zinc alloy,heavy-duty steel.

Color: Blue/green/yellow/others

Imprinting: Laser-Etch

Custom ordered: Bar code,Numbering



Railway cars,truck trailers,containers,international freight,valve lockout



100pcs/plastic bag


Carton Dimension:39×38×11cm



1pc net weight:27.66g

1000pcs in a carton:27.8kg


Shandong Bochuang Seal Co., Ltd, is specialized in manufacturing of Container Bolt Seal, Lead Seal, Cable seals, Plastic Seals, High Security Seals and other products. Bochuang Seal is located in Qingyun county, Shandong province,which is the biggest producer of seal in the north of China. With convenient transportation, The existing plants cover more than 6500 square meters. More than 160 workers and 15 professional personnel are working here and dedicated to producing products of good quality.



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