Security Container Seals

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C402 trailer truck vans cable security container seals

security container seals Specification

Material:Aluminum head,heavy-duty steel.

Cable size: Diameter 1.0mm,Length 30cm(Standard).


Imprinting:Laser printing for series number,letters and so on.


Features of security container seals

1.The cable and the lock mechanism are fastening and pressing at the same time, which has a better safety performance.
3.Aluminum structure, which is easy to be recycled, without any plastic.
4.The cable:Braided aeronautics steel-wire rope.
5.Device Material:Zinc alloy die-castings.
6.Anti-corrosion, anti-UV.
7.Pull tie>8.Use a cable cutter to remove.
9.Relative to the same type in the current market seals, which has better print-areas.

security cable wire seal:

Features of cable wire seals

Flexible, tamperproof, user friendly and customisable, our cable seals feature many cable diameters and cable lengths to suit any application. From versatile lightweight multi-purpose to heavyweight high security C-TPAT applications, whatever your needs are, we have a FastGrip model that will meet your requirements.

High quality steel locking mechanism with high pulling loads (over 1800kg)

1.5mm - 5mm diameter aircraft NPC cable, will splay when cut

High level of customisation - cable lengths, barcode printing & logos

Robust plastic and steel construction with ultrasonic welding

Encapsulated markings : easy to read but not accessible

Any tampering with markings will lead to destruction of the plastic encapsulation

Small order available

Fast to deliver
Factory visit available



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